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Real-Time Business Intelligence For many business leaders, getting an accurate view of the business can be challenging. Many departments using different systems to store information with none of these systems talking to one another. From the top level to the front line, effective decision-making is compromised without reliable, timely data. Our Real-Time Business Intelligence solution provides the power of built-in, real-time dashboards, reporting and analyzing across your organisation. Given you true value-added insight to identify issues, to see...

1/ If you running your business off many different systems you risk wasting time on many tasks that the ‘one’ right solution could solve for you. 2/ Do orders, customer questions, customer call’s some-times get lost, mis-communicated, or simply forgotten about? This again is probably a result of running many systems and not having it all streamlined into one ‘correct’ solution. 3/ With the correct single business application you view and track your orders and processes with full...

Having an ERP and CRM software solution is vital in today’s environment for most businesses in order to succeed and grow.  Netsuite is a solution that provides ERP, CRM, eCommerce all on the one cloud based software package. When companies look to change to a better more efficient solution thoughts turn to the hassle involved in migrating data and the work that it will entail.  With Netsuite there is very little hassle and disruption involved.  You will...