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Digital Marketing: “I just want the phone to ring”

Digital Marketing: “I just want the phone to ring”

Whatever your business, there is no denying that your business counterparts making the most of their Digital marketing are the business’s flying high but for so many of us, the words “Digital Marketing” means very little, so what is Digital marketing? And why does your business need to implement a Digital Marketing strategy today?

Digital Marketing uses a combination of techniques and tools to place your business in front of your target audience.

We Irish love the internet with many adults spending in excess of 13 hours per week on the various social platforms, where they ask other social users for recommendations and where they research and review businesses and brands long before they make contact with them. If you are not on these platforms they will never see you and in turn they will never contact you.

If I had a €1 for every time a business said to me, “I just want the phone to ring” I could head off into the sunset and begin my retirement today. Seriously thou, if you want the phone to ring, then people need to know you exist.

They will only call you if one or more of the following happens:

  • A friends / family recommend you
  • A Facebook / Linkedin / Twitter group talk about you
  • They see your business page on Twitter/ Linkedin / Facebook
  • They find you through online search
  • Your website is being found easily by your target audience
  • You have a fully integrated Digital Marketing strategy
  • They have previously done business with you

Now think about this: Are you still placing ad’s in local papers? What about the yellow pages? Now ask yourself this question: the last time you wanted to find something how did you go about it?

Did you search through a pile of unopened paperwork for one of the many leaflets that came in the door?

Did you look for the yellow pages?

Did you go to the local or national newspaper?

I am betting it was none of the above, and like the majority of us you went to yahoo/google/bing and asked the search engine for the answer, or you went into a group on one of the social channels and asked for their help. Either way it involved the internet and how you search and how you shop is exactly the same as the customers you are trying to reach.

So you see without a Digital Marketing plan, you really can’t expect the phone to just ring.

If you would like to talk about a Digital Marketing plan for your business, then get in touch today I will schedule a free 15 minute demo where I will show you the benefits of digital marketing.