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Cloud Migration Services

Moving your IT systems to the cloud makes a lot of sense for many companies. At a high level you can reduce IT costs and make your business more agile. Our Cloud Migration Services provide a comprehensive, end-to-end approach to moving applications, servers or user workstations to the cloud. We can also help you build out new solutions for your clients to make your business more data driven, customer focused and responsive.

Cloud Migration Services

Today, cloud computing is mainstream. According to a recent Gartner survey, more than half of all businesses are making significant investments in the public cloud, and 85% plan to use cloud services by 2017.

For many companies, migrating applications to the cloud can reduce costs, increase innovation and increase business agility. But there are many paths to the cloud and choosing the most efficient one can be difficult. To meet their specific business demands, companies need a solution that identifies the best path for cloud migration for each of their applications, from end to end.

Our Cloud Migration Services help businesses identify applications that are suitable for migration, move them to the cloud and manage them securely.


Cloud Migration Services Newtec Can Offer

Cloud Assessment: Identify suitable applications for migration, and determine which cloud solutions are best for each application.

Cloud Architecture: Design a cloud platform that is secure, scalable, extensible, and manageable, and craft an appropriate cloud operating model to further gain agility and cost savings and fully take advantage of the cloud’s virtues.

Cloud Migration: Define a comprehensive migration strategy that transfers applications to secure and reliable cloud platforms with a focus on optimizing speed and quality.

Managed Cloud Services: Manage cloud platforms from end to end to make them more useful, productive, agile and affordable.

End User Adoption: Once the business has migrated fully to cloud based operations, it’s crucial to shift the focus to end user adoption.

Why Companies Migrate To Cloud Services?

For many companies, the initial pull to cloud based services is primary the lower cost – especially since the repeated infrastructure upgrades are no longer required. However many companies find themselves staying on cloud operations for other strategic reasons.  So what are some reasons companies migrate from onsite IT to cloud services?

Lower costs especially to reduce cap ex costs

Speed of Implementation

Reduce complexity

A scalable platform

Improve business agility

Big Data and Business Intelligence

Customer engagement platforms

Build mobile apps

Better security