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Shannon: (061) 708-820

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Managed IT Services

Our integrated managed services solution allows our customers to pick and choose form a variety of different service offerings we have that are focused on monitoring, managing and automating your IT. Essentially, you are able to pick the level of service that you need and pick the level of infrastructure components you need for that service. 

Manage Your IT More Simply with Newtec Managed IT Services

Properly executed managed IT services can help a company run more efficiently, react to customer demands more quickly and make employees more productive. With decades of experience in Managed IT Services we care about the business that we work with and how IT runs within their organisation. This culture of caring for our customers drives through in each and everything that we do on a daily basis. Offering IT Managed Services in Dublin and Shannon, we have the ability to help companies large and small across Ireland.

With Newtec Services you get an experienced team that design, launch and manage innovative new solutions at the speed of business by deploying managed platforms in hours. We can monitor and manage your IT assets no matter where they live. You get predictable and repeatable outcomes every day and every time; ensuring continuous compliance for your organisation.  


Your business has unique IT needs. Let us design a custom strategy for you.


Biggest Impact of Managed IT Services in Terms of Value to the Customer

Cost savings

Enable business growth

Alleviate IT management overhead

Reduce downtime

Improve application availability

Reduce complexity

Enhance systems, make them more efficient

What Makes Us The Best Choice For Your Managed IT Services Partner?

We have deep skills and experience

We use the latest technology

We employ consistent processes

We support multi-vendor environments

We Deliver locally and globally

We offer a broad portfolio of options

We are responsive, reliable and trustworthy - and can prove it

Newtec Services has the experience to make your business more efficient, secure and seamless.